Dirangkum dari forber, founder-market fit adalah sebuah aset yang penting sebagai pondasi dalam stage awal pendirian startup. Seperti katanya paruh singh “tulung punggung dari sukses dan pertumbuhan team adalah karena founder-market fit”

Ada delapan tanda kamu sudah memiliki pondasi yang kuat sebagai founder-market fit :

  1. You have been working in your industry for several years
  2. You have a large network in your industry
  3. You have held different roles in your industry and understand the key players
  4. You have lived and breathed the problem you are solving firsthand and deeply understand the pain points
  5. You can speak fluently about your industry and the problem you are solving
  6. You understand the current and future competitive landscape of your industry
  7. You identify with your customer because you have either been your own customer or have conducted extensive research analyzing your early cohorts
  8. You have become obsessed with the problem you are solving and have been relentless in learning everything about the market